Mayo Clinic Cancer Trial Helps Keep Patients Alive to Spread the Word of the Need for Clinical Research

Jun 6, 2019 | Leading Sites, Lung Cancer, Mayo Clinic, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Site Success, Site Watch

Minnesota Woman takes on Lung Cancer with the help of Family & Community, Mayo Clinic & Clinical Trials

Katherine Bensen in Minnesota is a non-smoker diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSLC) in 2014 reports KSTP ABC 5. She is a powerful champion for clinical research: to not only fight to keep herself alive, but also to give back—spreading awareness about lung cancer and clinical research.

KSTP reported on her story in 2016 when Ms. Bensen received a unique cancer therapy at nearby Mayo Clinic. However, Benson told the news channel “The cancer is really smart” and so as Mayo’s most advanced research would treat her she shared “the cancer basically figures out that it’s getting blocked and then develops another mutation.” The situation is challenging.

But there is good news. There has been a consistent pipeline of new clinical research targeted at cancer—and the research sites, in this case the elite Mayo Clinic, needs more patients to participate. Ms. Bensen and her family have become champions—for their family and for clinical research. Ms. Benson is on her eighth cancer trial at Mayo Clinic—and that is a blessing.  They have kept her alive and more importantly bought time for her to spend with her family (She is a mom) and importantly, to give back to others. If people don’t participate in clinical research, then there can be no results that benefit future patients.

Bensen makes it clear—“if other people had not done these clinical trials, I would not be here today.”  Her Mayo Clinic oncologist Dr. Julian Molina declared “we clearly need more people. Now we have an abundance of new medications in cancer treatment, and what we are lacking is more patients to participate in clinical trials.” Mayo Clinic continues to be on the front lines of battling cancer.


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