Robyn Guymer  based in Australia, is a world-renowned retinal disease specialist with extensive clinical experience in Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Dr. Guymer was one of the first to define nascent geography atrophy through OCT. Lutronic Vision (Lutronic) sought out and signed an MOU with Dr. Guymer to serve as principal investigator for their planned pilot clinical study to evaluate the company’s R:GEN laser for the treatment of the earlier stages of AMD. TrialSite News provides a brief summary:

What is R:GEN?

A laser that targets RPE cells. RPE cells recyle protein and lipids—however in AMD, the ability of the RPE cells to clear debris is impaired, causing the accumulation of cellular waste material. Forming abnormal deposits (Drusen), these further impair RPE cell function—eventually leading to vision loss. R:GEN transfers energy to the established retinal treatment area to potentially improve the function of adjacent RPE cells.  It uses a proprietary Real Time Feedback Technology (RTF) to optimize laser for maximum benefit while minimizing thermal damage.

Who is Lutronic?

A division of Lutronic Corporation, they are bringing the market’s first laser for Selective Retina Therapy with Real Time Feedback Technology (R:GEN). A fully integrated laser platform that safely and precisely targets the Retinal Pigmented Epithelium to re-generate and re-store its function. Based in South Korea, Lutronic Corporation manufactures and sells aesthetic and medical laser systems and related technology worldwide.


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