Carolina Coastal Online reports about a local diabetes clinical trial here in North Carolina. With nearly one in 10 adults in North Carolina diagnosed with diabetes, a local medical practice is at the forefront of testing a new medicine that could help treat the disease.

Local investigator site Lucas Research in Morehead City is actively participating in the nation’s first trial of oral insulin on humans.  Sponsored by Oramed Pharmaceuticals under the direction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at 37 research centers across the country involving approximately 300 patients.

The Study

Oramed has developed a pill containing medicine for diabetics.  As insulin is usually administered by injection, if the pill proves successful, it could be on the market in the next 3 to 5 years.

The Research Site: Lucas Research

One of the first 37 sites nationwide to conduct a study for oral insulin, the principal investigator is Dr. K. Jean Lucas. The practice was invited to participate in the trial because it is already a clinical research site focusing on diseases of the endocrine system, including diabetes.  Thus far investigator Lucas has treated about 30 study participants; 15 more have signed up.

The Investigational  Medicine

The new medicine being trialed is an oral form of insulin that can be taken as a pill. The pill has a coating that helps it withstand the destructive effects of stomach acid. Dr. Lucas also noted the pill has a coating that does not dissolve until is passes through the stomach and into the intestine, allowing the medication to be absorbed by the intestine. Thus far, Dr. Lucas noted the study is ongoing but there will be no results until later this year.  Dr. Lucas reports that many of her patients would prefer taking the insulin pills over a shot.

Sponsor Oramed Reports Rapidly Growing Market

Oramed, the sponsor, reports that diabetes is rapidly growing.  An estimated 425 million adults combat the disease.  That number is expected to climb to 629 million by 2045. Oramed is a thinly capitalized, micro-cap equity.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Jean Lucas

Source: Carolina Coast Online

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