Lazarex Foundation Funded IMPACT Trial; Ensuring The Possibility For USC to Enroll Underrepresented Minorities into Cancer Study

Jun 1, 2019 | Cancer, Clinical Trials, Minority Participation in Clinical Trials, Oncology

ABC7 reports in Los Angeles, CA that University of Southern California (USC) clinical researchers are offering financial aid to prospective participants to join clinical studies. TrialSite News picked up on this program some months ago as USC has identified some classical barriers to clinical research participation including economic wherewithal.

The Participant

The ABC7 story introduces Clara Salas who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Ms. Clarus only worried about her children upon learning the news—for example, her 12 year old son was  diagnosed with autism. Participating in a study would not be financially feasible; in fact she lost her job and apartment. They became homeless.


Lead investigator Darcy Spicer enrolled Clarus in the Impact Trial. USC has set up a program where eligible patients are enrolled for out-of-pocket expenses.

Earlier, TrialSite News reported The Lazarex Foundation provide the funding.  For example, in a three-year pilot study enrollment as improved by 29% overall and doubled specifically among persons of color (Latinos, African-Americans, etc.)

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Darcy Spicer, MD


Lazarex Foundation 


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