The La Jolla Institute of Immunology reports that a subtype of T cells called T Regulatory Cells are major factors in the two front-page health issues: autoimmune disease and cancer immunotherapy. Apparently, T-regs subdue autoimmune attacks by more aggressive T cells known as “effectors” which eradicate damaged or diseased cells. Such inflammatory attacks are essential as they can halt viral infections or cancer in its tracks.  However, the modulating influence of T-regs, T effector cells could erroneously unleash their fury against one’s own tissues—exactly what happens in autoimmune disease.

La Jolla Institute of Immunology recently published study findings in journal Nature Communications. Follow the link below to source for this fascinating read. The study was funded in part by the NIH.

The La Jolla Institute of Immunology is a non-profit research organization based in beautiful La Jolla, California. Located in UC San Diego’s Research Park, it researchers immunology and immune diseases. It employs about 23 faculty and more than 300 employees. A collaborative research institution, it has inked many alliances and partnerships in the USA and abroad. Its research facility covers 145,000 square feet inclusive of specialized research rooms suited for all aspects of molecular and cellular biology.

Lead Research/Investigator

Xiaojing Yue

Source: Laboratory Equipment

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