Kuopio Center: Innovative Gene and Cell Therapy Research Site

Jul 6, 2018 | Biotechnology, Genetic, Site Watch

The Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) is a newly established research center in Kuopio Finland with a focus on the development of novel gene and cell therapy products in the advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) class.  According to a recent article in Health Europa, “the centre’s niche is the interface between academic, basic research and the commercial biotechnology industry.”  They have established an organization optimized for applied research of ATMPs through Phase I clinical trials.
KCT has been established to provide research groups with funding, facilities and opportunities for collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland, the viral-based gene therapy product company FinVector, and Kuopio University Hospital.  KCT is funded and owned by the Swiss Dr. Frederik Paulsen Foundation.
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