Kings County Hospital has received a nationally recognized accreditation from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) for its Cancer Care Center, the Flatbush (New York) hospital. The hospital is part of the NYC Health + Hospitals organization. Through the CoC accreditation Kings County Cancer Care Center, patients have direct access to potential life-saving, advanced clinical trials.

What is the Commission on Cancer (CoC)?

The CoC is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard-setting, prevention, research, education, and the monitoring of comprehensive quality care.

How does a Provider earn an Accreditation?

The provider must meet 34 CoC quality care standards, and be evaluated every three years through a rigorous survey process; they must maintain levels of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive patient-centered care.

Accreditation Overview

The CoC Accreditation Program offers a framework for the hospital to provide continuous improvement of various cancer-related programs from prevention and early diagnosis to cancer staging treatment, rehabilitation and end-of-life care.

What is behind’s King County Hospital success in cancer care?

A multidisciplinary approach which includes the expertise of surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses and social workers to customize treatment for each patient.

Cancer Center Background

The center opened in 2010 to offer a variety of cancer care services in one centralized facility, including medical and surgical oncology, chemotherapy, pharmacy, nutrition, and social services—these were previously distributed throughout multiple locations.

Clinical Research as a Care Option: Clinical Trials

Participating patients who receive care at a CoC facility like Kings County Hospital also have access to clinical trials and new treatments, genetic counseling and services such as psycho-social support, patient navigation and other supports. Presently, there are 10,753 patients at the Cancer Care Center.


The Cancer Care Center at Kings County Hospital can be contacted here or at 718-245-2847.

Source: BKReader

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