Ron Sylvester reports in the Hutchinson News that a Sterling, Kansas company received FDA approval to conduct human clinical trials for its new cancer treatment. Genzada Pharmaceuticals is developing a cancer-fighting agent from a lily that grows in Palestine. The venture’s molecule—GZ17-6.02 purports to help patients with advanced solid organ tumors or lymphoma. During preclinical phase, it is reported that the molecule shows effectiveness in battling pancreatic cancer and squamous cell carcinoma—cancers of the mouth, nose and throat.

Who is Genzada Pharmceuticals? The company is owned by father-son team Gene Zaid and Jason West. Founded in in 2010, it focuses on plant-based therapeutics for oncology. The company maintains a patent on a fortified version of the plant extract, GZ17. The plant in question is Arum palaestinum, commonly found in the Middle East and used as an herbal remedy to fight cancer. Mr. Zaid is also a founder of Jacam Chemical, also located in Sterling Kansas. According to social network LinkedIn, 14 employees self report association with Genzada Pharmaceuticals.


Source: Hutchinson News

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