Kaiser Permanente Washington Conducts COVID-19 Vaccination Clinical Trial

Mar 1, 2020 | Clinical Trials, Coronavirus, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, Vaccine

Kaiser Permanente Washington Conducts COVID-19 Vaccination Clinical Trial

Kaiser Permanente Washington disclosed to a local media entity that the health system will be participating in clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccination targeting the coronavirus.

KGMI, a station under the umbrella of the Cascade Radio Group, disclosed that Kaiser Permanente Washington will recruit 45 healthy participants, age range 19 to 55, to join a clinical trial with a duration of 13 months. The radio station was informed that the trial will include three phases—the first of course centering on the assessment of a safe dose and whether such doses generate an immune response. Phase I trials do not focus on the vaccine’s efficacy. Moreover, it was reported that the research site will not handle the live form of the virus—nor will participants be exposed to the virus. The coronavirus is now spreading within North America.

Kaiser Permanente Washington

Based in Washington State and part of the broader Kaiser Permanente health system, by 2017, Kaiser Permanente acquired Group Health Cooperative and its subsidiaries, which have been caring for members in Washington since 1947. Now Kaiser Permanente Washington, they serve over 710,170 members and support the health of communities in a vast swathe of geography in Northwest Washington, Central Washington, Eastern Washington, the Coastal and Olympic region, and Puget Sound.

Health Research Institute

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) non-proprietary, a public-interest research center within Kaiser Permanente Washington, a nonprofit health system based in Seattle, WA. With an annual budget of $55 million, they manage 291 active grants and contracts and have produced 364 publications in peer-reviewed journals. They focus on research producing timely and relevant findings that help people stay healthier. From testing new vaccines, to helping people quit smoking, to finding ways to delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, KPWHRI discoveries have helped millions of people worldwide lead healthier, happier lives. See their annual reports.


KPWHRI is led by Rita Mangione-Smith, who serves as Vice President for Research and Health Care Innovation for Kaiser Permanente Washington and Executive Director and Senior Investigator, KPWHRI. She is also a Professor of Health Systems at Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine.

Source: KGMI


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