Israeli Startup Develops Device to Jumpstart Digestive System

Dec 27, 2018 | Digestive Disease

The Times of Israel reports that Israel-based e-Motion Medical Ltd. has developed a way to restore digestive movement in patients who, due to trauma, neurological dysfunction or old age, have lost the ability to swallow. The company’s mission is to restore digestive motor function to these patients, reduce infectious complications, and improve survival and physical function. E-Motion Medical Ltd. seeks to apply for an FDA approval soon.

The company has filed patents on its technology—a tube that can be inserted into patients like a feeding tube— which delivers unique patterns of electro stimulation to the esophagus. The stimulation creates contractions of the muscle in a variety of locations along the esophageal body that mimic the natural lower esophageal swallowing motions in a healthy person. The company is hoping to receive FDA approval soon to launch in the American market.

Millions of people suffer from reduced or lack of motor function of their digestive system, presented as impaired esophageal motion and delayed gastric emptying, leading to malnutrition and higher risk of infection. This phenomenon is very common in critically ill patients, as well as neurological, surgical, geriatric, neonatal and others, impairing their general well-being and quality of life, while being associated with significant increase in direct medical cost.



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