Science Magazine offers a disturbing report that our taxpayer funded National Institute’s of Health (NIH) is obstructing two of its critical care physicians from speaking to government investigators in regard to a large NIH-funded trial.  The Wall Street Journal  reported government investigators were seeking answers about a risk-prone sepsis clinical trial.

Last year consumer watchdog group Public Citizen raised concerns  about the sepsis clinical research with the Office for Human Protections (OHRP)—note OHRP is part of the Health and Human Services—NIH’s parent organization.

Apparently, a clinical trial titled Crystalloid Liberal or Vasopressors Early Resuscitation in Sepsis (CLOVERS), initiated patient recruitment last year in order to test two novel sepsis treatments. The study didn’t include a control arm for the usual standard of care—which triggered the physicians’ safety concerns. Follow the link below to the source article. If in fact patients are at risk in this study, why wouldn’t the NIH shut down the study? If there is a legitimate concern and government officials are reviewing, why would the NIH seek to stop the physicians, specifically Charles Natanson  and Peter Eichacker  from talking to them?  This story is troubling if there is any truth to it.

Source: Sciencemag

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