Investigator Profile: Ning Liao

Jul 3, 2019 | Breast Cancer, China, Investigator Content, Liao, Ning Content, News, Oncology

Ning Liao

Dr. Ning Liao, MD, PhD, is Director Department of Breast Care, Cancer Center, Guangdong General Hospital China. This is a large hospital founded in 1946 and located in the Yuexiu District in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Dr. Ning Liao is an organizer of a prominent China and U.S. focused breast cancer conference in the Guangdong region that brings together dedicated experts in the field from both countries. The conference seeks to not only raise the research bar but to build long-lasting research alliances.

Dr. Liao has been practicing clinical breast oncology and is an expert in early diagnosis and multi-disciplinary comprehensive treatment for breast cancer, including minimally invasive breast surgery, and individualized chemotherapy and endocrine therapy. She has traveled the world as a visiting scholar and has been afforded opportunity to learn from the best at each and every location—she has emerged in China as a renowned expert in the field of minimally invasive breast surgery. Meanwhile, she is among surgeons who carried out oncoplastic breast conserving surgery in the first place.

Research Excellence

Dr. Liao was sponsored by NSFC youth research program (2011) and is a principal investigator (PI) of a Chinese National Science Foundation Committee research program. Dr. Liao also directed multiple key research programs in Guangdong Science Foundation Committee. She is the editor in chief of “Molecular Basis of Breast Cancer” (Chinese edition: author: Jose Russo and Irma H. Russo) and has published articles in SCI enlisted journals and key Chinese scientific journals.  Dr. Liao would be an incredibly important person to know for those interested in clinical research in cancer in the Guangzhou metropolitan area.

Conference Organizer & Sino-US Collaboration Nexus

Dr. Liao is a key organizer of the fourth China-U.S. Forum on Breast Cancer that brings together experts in the field of breast cancer from both countries. For any research group or industry sponsor seeking to extend ties in China when it comes to oncology with an emphasis on breast cancer, Dr. Liao would be an important relationship.

Accessing an Emerging Research Cluster

Guangzhou is a city of 14+ million near Hong Kong and Macau. Part of the “Pearl River” clinical research cluster in China, it represents a strategically important area for growing clinical research.  It’s political leadership and industry boosters are working furiously to catch up with other eastern Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou in the development of novel drugs.

Their local government is motivated—offering incentives and attracting major investment, such as GE healthcare, which will build its first Asia biotech campus that covers 350,000 square meters and involves $800 million in investment into the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, some 35 kilometers northeast of downtown Guangzhou.

Dr. Liao and the Breast Cancer conference should be a must for those seeking to expand clinical research in this important southeast China metropolitan region.