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Innovative Site Models in Eastern Europe’s Georgia: Clinical Trials Comes to Clinical Care

Clinical Trials

Georgian Medical Software – MEDSOFT, an EHR systems supplier with 10 years’ experience in eHealth in Tbilisi, Georgia, supports hospitals and the medical community with innovative technology and dedicated services. More than 40 hospitals and medical centers in Georgia use MEDSOFT’s software. Their MEDWORK hospital information system (HIS) is integrated with the Georgian Ministry of Health, financial systems, and laboratory information systems, allowing costless and effective information management for the healthcare community.

As part of their partnership, MEDSOFT will support Clinerion in integrating hospitals in Georgia in Clinerion’s international network of partner hospitals on its Patient Network Explorer platform.

In turn, MEDSOFT hospitals will be able to use Patient Network Explorer’s real-world data solutions when running academic research. They will gain sophisticated tools to query their own HIS, allowing them to review and optimize protocols, and find and identify eligible patients for trials within their own hospitals. Joining the Patient Network Explorer platform will also make these hospitals visible to pharmaceutical companies seeking trial sites for clinical research of drugs in development.

“Our System, MEDWORK, was developed with an easy-to-use interface and has the functionality and capability to fully provide support for the processes of receiving, keeping and processing data in any type of medical institution,” says Archil Kapanadze, CEO of MEDSOFT. “This system uses latest and renewable programing technologies. We provide about 25% new features and capabilities annually for our customers.”

“As a HIS provider with a strong presence in Georgia, we consider MEDSOFT an important partner in our expansion in the region, enabling Clinerion to reach more patients” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Added to that is their strong technology capability, which ensures smooth integration of new hospital partners to Patient Network Explorer.”



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