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Innovate UK & Asthma UK Announce 3 Funded Projects


Some 5.4 million people receive treatment for asthma in the UK, which apparently has some of the highest asthma rates in Europe. Innovate UK and Asthma UK have announced three new funded projects with a focus on asthma and technology enablement. This was the direct result of a challenge to NHS “to move with the times and put technology at the heart of asthma management” according to Healthcare IT News. The new projects include business partnering with academia and involve 200,000 UK pounds each.

  • University of Manchester will collaborate with Owlstone Medical to develop a new test to diagnose asthma. This follows on from news that Owlstone Medical has partnered with University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Foundation and Cancer Research UK to launch a clinical trial to determine if a breath test device could detect the presence of cancer at an early stage
  • University of Edinburgh and Tactuum will design a clinical decision support system to support healthcare professionals diagnose asthma
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and Cambridge and Regulatory Innovations will test a device measuring gasses in exhaled breath (also for diagnoses)


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