Ethical standards in China have attracted negative attention. In this case, a new study reveals over 400 published research papers may be in violation of international ethical standards regarding the use of donor organs sourced from executive prisoners. Calling for a “mass retraction” of hundreds of research papers involving transplanted hearts, livers or lungs from mainland China, the study ethics standards rests on the principles of Declaration of Helsinki.

The transplant research community completely failed to implement ethical standards. Publication of research based on the extraction of organs from executed prisoners shocks TrialSite News staff. We agree with this study team—an unacceptable and unethical research body now exists. Moral hazard is just the start. Recent history has precedent for concern. After all, this is what happened in Nazi Germany and lead to the Declaration of Helsinki. Closer to home, Tuskegee experiments occurred—a horrible blemish on research.  

We applaud Wendy Rogers and her team of Australian, New Zealand and American researchers to bring this topic to light.

Lead Research/Investigator

Wendy Rogers

Source: BMJ Journals

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