Indonesian Bajakah Tree Cures Cancer in Rats in High School Students’ Study: Are they on to Something?

Aug 25, 2019 | Bajakah Tree, Indonesia, Preclinical Research

Indonesian Bajakah Tree Cures Cancer in Rats in High School Students’ Study: Are they on to Something?

Two Indonesia high-school students used a local lore of a plant’s medicinal properties in their own form of a clinical study. Attending Palangka Raya State High School in Central Kalimantan, the duo presented their evidence last month at a conference in Seoul, South Korea, called Invention Creativity (WICO). The study worked—two weeks after performing the study on a rat with cancerous tumors, the animal was cured.

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The Treatment

Anggina Rafitri and Aysa Aurealya Maharani used an extract from the native Bajakah tree. This traditional medicine was given to a rat with cancerous tumors. Two weeks later, the rat was cancer-free, reports the Good News Network.

These results reveal that the Bajakah tree may in fact contain a potent medicine. The two high school kids won a gold award for their study. Could they be on to a future potential cure for cancer?

The regional governor hosted the girls at the Isen Mulang Palace last week—and he presented them with praise and told them they would be connected with actual research agencies to help them patent their research.

The Bajakah roots need to be ground up into powder form and diluted with water prior to consumption, reports locals. According to Lambung Mangkurat University in South Kalimantan, bajakah roots contain numerous chemicals that could destroy tumors and cancerous cells.

Apparently the plant grows in only select locations—such as the woods near Palangkaraya.

Local Governor Speaks

The local governor noted “What they found was extraordinary. Not only is it needed by the Central Kalimantan people, but Indonesia and even the world.” His speech was reported in a translated JawaPos article.

There are No Miracle Drugs

The Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI) reports that the public should not get carried away that a cure has been found for cancer. YKI Chairman Dr. Aru Sudoyo told Kompas that there are not any “miracle drugs.”

Moreover, a compound can work on a rat but a human being can be very different.

Grant from the Central Kalimantan Governor Sugianto Sabran

The Governor has given the two students a small grant so they can continue their investigation into the bajakah in the amount of $US 2,109 each.

Indonesian Researchers and the Indonesian government seek protections

The Indonesia government aims to patent bajakah as a cure for cancer amid calls by the country’s researchers, including those from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) to protect the plant.

Lead Research/Investigator

Professor Dr. Budi Wiweko, the Deputy Director, Indonesian Medical Education Research Institution (IMERI) and Faculty of Medicine at University of Indonesia.

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