Independent Benchmark Research Selected by Moderna for the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

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Independent Benchmark Research Selected by Moderna for the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

With a race to find a permanent way to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, a North Texas research site was selected to run the COVID-19 vaccine trial and will need volunteers, reports the local NBC news in Dallas-Fort Worth. Maria Guerrero reports that essential workers, such as health care professionals, are needed to participate in these vaccine trials; that is, those most likely to be exposed to the virus. Benchmark Research, a vaccine study site in Fort Worth, seeks adult participants, ideally front-line health workers that have a higher chance of exposure.

Those in the medical field, construction, teachers, retail workers, and delivery drivers could all fit into the category of having a higher risk of exposure, and hence of interest by Benchmark Medical Research. Research from Baylor Scott & White, not affiliated with the study, suggests that participant altruism is key for good research. Individuals interested in contributing to society’s advancement, volunteering in studies is a great way to contribute.

Who is Benchmark Research?

Founded in 1997, Benchmark Research started as one small research site facility and has since expanded across the United States into a substantial research operation. Covering a broad range of study from acute care, allergy, and general medicine to obesity, vaccines, women’s health, and even smoking cessation, founder and president Mark Lacy tells that he never imagined he could own such a business, but because of focus, commitment and dedication has built one of the more formidable research site operations in the country. Still independently owned by Lacy, they position their leadership in the conduct of investigational vaccine trials. They maintain six clinical trial sites around the United States, including Austin, Fort Worth, San Angelo, New Orleans, Sacramento, and San Francisco. They employ approximately 55 and tout their expertise in regulatory and good clinical practices (GcP).

Benchmark Research was selected by Moderna for the pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial of mRNA-1273 for COVID-19.

What do they offer Sponsors or CROs?

After decades of experience, Lacy and team identify core themes of interest to sponsors and CROs including 1) focus on quality and regulatory, 2) experienced call center for scalable patient recruitment and retention efforts, 3) dedicated skilled coordinators (TrialSite refers to coordinators as the “heart and soul” of the site), 4) experienced investigators, 5) innovative advertising team (again help mitigate the risk of lack of patients for the study), 6) knowledgeable supervisory team, 7) compelling account management via “one voice,” and 8) participation in “VaxCorps,” a geographically diverse network of experienced research centers.

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  1. Patricia l lucks

    I am an 88 year old female in good health other than I have COPD Ido not need oxygen support .I useSymbicort once a day(sometimes forget).If I ould make a good candidate, I would very much like to help end this tragedy to our country.

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