Idaho Clinical Research as a Care Center Saltzer Health Enrolling Patients for Clinical Trials

Oct 24, 2019 | Clinical Trials, Diabetes, Idaho, Influenza, RSV, Saltzer Health

Idaho Clinical Research as a Care Center Saltzer Health Enrolling Patients for Clinical Trials

Idaho-based clinical investigational site Saltzer Health is enrolling participants for important clinical trials in Idaho. Studies range from an insomnia trial to Type 2 diabetes, influenza, RSV, Meningitis B and other ailments in various towns throughout the “Gem State.”

The Studies

Idaho residents that are interested Saltzer Health is currently conducting the following clinical trials:

  • RSV prevention for children 6 months old; RSV prevention for pregnant moms; RSV treatment for adults age 18 and older; RSV treatment for children age 28 days-3 years.
  • Infant Meningitis B Vaccine for 2 months old
  • Type 2 Diabetes with cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes with Chronic kidney disease
  • Insomnia for adults 65 and older
  • Influenza treatment ages 13-85

Clinical trial participants will receive compensation for their time and travel. The study is led by a team of Saltzer health physicians in pediatrics, obstetrics, internal medicine and other specialties work closely with a skilled four-person clinical research team on clinical research trials.

Saltzer Health Experience

Saltzer Health has conducted more than 100 clinical trials since 2000 and in the process have developed a national reputation reported recently in a press release and picked up by the Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press.

About Saltzer Health

An Idaho based medical facility with locations in multiple towns, Saltzer Health has established a stringent compliance infrastructure for HIPAA as well as FDA/GcP for clinical trials.

Founded in 1961 by Dr. Joseph Saltzer, their organization prides itself on strong relationships with its patients.  Saltzer was an English immigrant who landed in Montreal Canada where he earned his MD from McGill University. Saltzer practiced in New York City and fell ill to tuberculosis. He headed West where the dryer weather would be more conducive for full recovery. He moved to Homedale, Idaho and started a medical practice. His practice grew from there. Eventually he teamed up with other local physicians to grow a medical practice. Originally the Medical Center Physicians, they changed the name to Saltzer Medical Group in 1999. Saltzer retired at the age of 76.


Saltzer Medical Group was acquired by Ball Ventures Ahlquist, an Idaho-based development company headed up by Cortney Liddiard and Tommy Ahlquist, a  former emergency room physician. The name was changed to Saltzer Health and today it is reported that they are the largest independent multi-specialty physician group as reported in the Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press.

Clinical Research as a Care Option in Idaho

Saltzer Health maintains both a family practice and a clinical research operation. This represents a growing trend across the nation as providers—whether hospitals and health systems to physician networks or localized practices—the seek to offer patients access to advanced therapies especially in certain therapeutic areas, such as oncology. TrialSite News conducted a brief search and could find no historical FDA inspection issues with this site.

Saltzer Health lists current clinical trials here.

Call to Action: Are you an Idaho resident with a loved one that has one of the conditions listed in this article? Consider contacting Saltzer Health. 208-463-3128.


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