IBM Watson Oncology Clinical Trial Matching

Apr 22, 2019 | AI in Healthcare, IBM Watson, Patient Recruitment

The well-known “Watson”, an artificial intelligence technology that has seen hundreds of millions in advertising campaigns is at it again—now “he” is optimizing trial recruitment from the point-of-care to the clinical trial office. IBM offers a video demo for those interested. They highlight the matching service enabling clinicians to more easily and expeditiously find a list of clinical trials for an eligible patient. IBM purports that coordinators can also utilize the tool to find patients.  They declare that improvements in screening and efficiency as well as more effective patient recruitment can add considerable value for research sites.

IBM was able to secure a published testimonial from Helen Holtzen, RN Clinical Research Supervisor, Highlands Oncology Group.  TrialSite News is intrigued to learn how AI is improving patient recruitment. Outreach to Highlands Oncology Group will be on the radar to seek any feedback on results.


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