Hygieia Clinical Trial Results Exhibit Superior Glycemic Control

Feb 24, 2019 | Diabetes

Clinical sponsor Hygieia, a digital insulin enhancement company dedicating to making insulin therapy easier and more effective reported on trial results exhibiting efficacy and safety of the d-Nav® Insulin Guidance System .

Published in the esteemed journal The Lancet, the multi-site, randomized, controlled clinical study was conducted at three leading national diabetes centers as reported in Finger Lakes Times. The results reveal that personalized, automated insulin titration provided by the d-Nav System along with dedicated HCP support generates superior glycemic control as compared to HCP alone.  The sponsors will discuss their findings from the study at the 12th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes  (ATTD 2019) in Berlin, Germany.

Hygieia is an Ann Arbor based company commercializing proprietary technology to scale successful diabetes care. d-NavÔ, Hygieia’s innovative Diabetes Insulin Guidance System, is CE marked and is currently used by healthcare systems in England and Northern Ireland. Founded in 2007 by Eran Bashan . They have raised approximately $5 million. Mr. Bashan has impressive educational background culminating in PhD Engineering from University of Michigan.

Diabetes is one of the main challenges facing any healthcare system. Over 22 million people use insulin to manage their diabetes. Only a third of insulin takers are successfully managing their diabetes with insulin, leaving over 15 million people exposed to complications resulting in human suffering and tremendous healthcare costs,

Successful insulin therapy requires weekly updates of the treatment plan by a healthcare provider (HCP) – which is costly to the healthcare system and does not scale. Hygieia’s d-Nav, a standalone handheld medical device, provides a solution to these challenges.

Lead Research/Investigator

Richard M. Bergenstal, M.D., executive director of the International Diabetes Center (IDC) at Park Nicollet



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