Rob Schmitz from NPR reports on the fallout from the recent Chinese vaccines scandal.

Is the Chinese government truly looking after the health and well-being of its citizens?  What is the quality of the health and human service as well as drug and device regulatory oversight? Schmitz notes, ”Last week Chinese authorities discovered that hundreds of thousands of doses of at least two different vaccines—rabies and rabies and diphtheria and tetanus – were defective, all manufactured by the drug maker Changchun Changsheng, which means long life in Chinese. Five executives at the company are now under criminal investigation. China’s Premier Li Keqiang says the episode has hit a new low, and he’s vowing to investigate. Mrs. Xiong says this response is too little, too late.”

TrialSite News staff are concerned about medicinal products originating from China. There needs to be a thorough investigation and vigorous prosecution.

Source: NPR

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