Clinical trial sites face a rapidly evolving clinical trial landscape. These include increased complexity of trials, proliferation of multiple new technologies, and the advent of more decentralized clinical trials to name a few.

How should a clinical trial site approach navigating these changes successfully and evolve to be prepared for the future?

To start with, one has to be armed with knowledge. What changes are likely to occur and how might one adapt to them? One of the most efficient ways to do this is to go to meetings that will clearly provide this information and allow networking with sponsors, CROs, startups, investors and other investigative sites to develop a clear picture of the possible futures.

Further, the relationships formed at these meetings allow future contact and discussion once back home, and the development of a clear plan to evolve.

This has been the experience of many investigative site personnel who attend the CNS Summit. The CNS (Collaborating for Novel Solutions) Summit was founded by industry leaders, including leaders from sites, to ensure that the whole ecosystem is at the table as we shape the future of clinical trials.

“Every sector is at the table at the CNS Summit, and they are all working actively to solve our challenges. I particularly like the emphasis on putting the patients’ interests first” states Bonnie Segal, Vice President, Segal Institute for Clinical Research.

Dr. David Walling, Chief Executive and Clinical Officer at Collaborative Neuroscience Network notes, “It’s an opportunity for us to get together with the people that we work with on a regular basis to talk about some of the problems that we face and come up with solutions to those problems.” 

Dr. Andrew Cutler, CEO and CMO of Florida Clinical Research Center adds, “The CNS Summit is very innovative and forward-thinking. It’s a fun environment and it’s an environment that shows us what the future might look and how we can all work together to pull ourselves up and do a better job.” 

This year for the 10th Anniversary of CNS Summit, we expect over 750 participants, and an exciting speaker lineup of over 90 CEOs and leaders from pharma, biotech, technology companies, service companies, startups, investigator sites, investors, innovators, and regulators who are driving change in the life sciences. Some of these include:

  • Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA
  • Kabir Nath, President & CEO, Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals
  • Antony Loebel, CEO, Sunovion
  • Bakul Patel, Director, Division of Digital Health, FDA
  • Sharon Mates, CEO, Intra-Cellular Therapies
  • Corey McCann, CEO, Pear Therapeutics
  • George Goldsmith, Chairman & CEO, COMPASS Pathways
  • Mei Mei Hu, Co-Founder and CEO, United Neuroscience
  • Pavan Cheruvu, CEO, Axovant Sciences
  • Bill Martin, CEO, BlackThorn
  • Karoly Nikolich, Chairman & CEO, Alkahest
  • Ian Marks, VP R&D Innovation, GSK
  • Rob Scott, Chief Medical Officer, AbbVie
  • Ray Sanchez, Chief Medical Officer, Cerevel
  • Ron Cohen, CEO, Accorda Therapeutics
  • Albert Robichaud, Chief Science Officer, Sage Therapeutics
  • Junaid Bajwa, Digital Centre of Excellence, Merck
  • Stephen Brannan, Chief Medical Officer, Karuna Pharmaceuticals
  • Spyros Papapetropoulos, CEO, SwanBio
  • Roger Bullock, Chief Medical Officer, Oryzon Genomics
  • Roger Crystal, CEO, Opiant Pharmaceuticals
  • William Meury, Chief Commercial Officer, Allergan
  • Jeremy Sohn, Global Head of Digital Business, Novartis
  • Lisa von Moltke, SVP, Clinical Development, Alkermes
  • and many more listed on the speaker page HERE!

In addition to the keynote sessions, there will be multiple Spotlight Sessions to do a deeper dive into topics such as AI, Decentralized Trials, Voice, Digital Therapeutics, Rare Diseases, and Real World Evidence.

The speakers are a big part of what makes the CNS Summit special, but it’s the community aspect that makes it extraordinary. Because the Summit was started by the R&D community, it’s the community and our collaborative format that offers a unique opportunity to participate directly with like-minded individuals and make the important connections needed to drive innovation and remain competitive.

CNS Summit 2019 will take place on October 31 – November 3 in Boca Raton, Florida.

To hear what past participants have to say as to why CNS Summit is unlike any other meeting watch this short video HERE.

We invite you to visit the website here

We look forward to seeing you at CNS Summit 2019!


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