Israel-based biotech Anchiano Therapeutics completed the process of voluntarily delisting from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange this week, seeking to catalyze the development of novel cancer therapies by securing increased backing from American investors. They have developed a “Trojan horse” into cancer cells—a toxic gene that is activated in cancer cells that eventually kills them.

The company”s current focus is treating early-stage bladder cancer, but they state their therapy is applicable to many cancer types, reports the Jerusalem Post.  CEO Dr. Frank G. Haluska noted, “The best source of capital for drug development companies is based in the United States, with American investors possessing a good understanding of the drug development process and biopharma industry.”

Anchiano is based in both Cambridge, MA and Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim science campus. Their research activities are based upon the discovery of the human H19 gene by the late Hebrew University professor Avraham Hochberg.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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