Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust on Verge of Breakthrough Crohn’s Disease Trial

Feb 17, 2019 | Autoimmune Disease, Chron's Disease

The Standard reports that Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Trust are on the verge of a breakthrough Crohn’s disease clinical trial. The investigators have been working diligently on breakthroughs involving the reprogramming of white blood cells in an bold mission to actually “reset” the immune system.  TrialSite News has many readers with Crohn’s disease—and for that matter many other autoimmune disorders. Editorial staff was hesitant to post this news given that it is not based on an actual clinical trial.   

However, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundational Trust represents a major venerable public institution within the UK’s National Health Service. One of the largest of hospital trusts, it was founded with 16,000 staff, annual turnover of approaching £1.5 billion and 2.4 million patient interactions per year. It represents a significant institutional presence within the UK. 

Professor Graham Lord is an accomplished doctor and investigator within the British system. He has built up a research group at King’s College London investigating T cell and dendritic cell biology and the genetics of renal disease. In addition, he practices clinical nephrology with a workload that focuses on renal transplantation. And as recent as last year Professor Lord was active in planning for a NIHR Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre. A confluence of serious players in the UK research world are coalescing around the Crohn’s disease research effort so we will watch with great interest on how any specific clinical trial unfolds.


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