Growing EHR Costs Adversely Impacting Health Providers While Benefits Are Still Elusive

Oct 15, 2018 | EHR, Electronic Health Records, Provider

Rachel Arndt writing for Modern Healthcare reports what many have grown to understand and recognize, that despite a decade of government and private sector electronic health record investment, “hospitals and health systems are still struggling with EHRs, as new installations disrupt workflows and cost millions of dollars, eating into bottom lines.”

The federal government invested $34.7 billion to EHR incentives alone; the private sector perhaps has spent more. As Arndt writes, EHRs were to introduce efficiencies and rationalization—streamlining cumbersome processes for health systems. However, “the benefits along those lines have been elusive.”  There are growing numbers of reports where EHR implementations are accounting for a bulk of technology costs (perhaps impacting productive new investments) and in some cases, helping to drive providers into the red.  See Ms. Arndt’s article for full details.


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