Golisano Children’s Hospital Opens Up Cancer Trials with Focus on Leukemia

Jul 17, 2019 | Clinical Research as a Care Platform, Oncology

Golisano Children’s Hospital

Golisano Children’s Hospital have received funding to study childhood cancer treatments.  The team will focus on leukemia, which happens to be the most common type of childhood cancer.

Craig Mullen leads the department at Golisano that studies childhood blood cancers and reports that current treatments are often effective at killing cancer cells, but they also kill healthy cells.  Dr. Mullen noted, “Currently, in my career, I’ve cured cancer by being very skillful at administering poisons, mostly DNA poisons,” and continued, “while they whack leukemia cells, they also really whack the patient.”

He noted that 2% to 3% of patients who are cured of childhood leukemia will develop another cancer “as a direct result of the treatment.”

About Golisano Children’s Hospital 

The hospital is part of art of University of Rochester and works with children to ensure a better tomorrow.

Lead Research/Investigator

Craig Mullen


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