Global Ivermectin Expert Opens up Q&A on the Antiparasitic Drug & COVID-19

Aug 18, 2020 | COVID-19, ISGlobal, Ivermectin, News, Popular Posts, Spain

Global Ivermectin Expert Opens up Q&A on the Antiparasitic Drug & COVID-19

World renowned Ivermectin researcher Carlos Chaccour, PhD, recently published on the IS Global website “Questions and Answers about Ivermectin and COVID-19.” The Assistant Research Professor, BOHEMIA Chief Scientific Officer for Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal) has consistently advocated for rigorous scientific research during this COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, he has collaborated with colleagues to launch clinical studies to help health providers better understand, through evidence, the potential efficacy of ivermectin. An outspoken defender of science and rigorous, evidenced-based medicine, Dr. Chaccour in interviews with TrialSite doesn’t budge in his steadfast commitment and dedication to scientifically investigating whether ivermectin is effective or not in treating COVID-19.

During this pandemic, Dr. Chaccour has received pressure from all sides, whether it be the “pro” ivermectin advocates to those that argue emergency conditions merit a loosening of standards. Dr. Chaccour is truly committed to public health for those especially in low-to-middle income countries (LMICs) and that commitment is grounded in a deep and enduring scientific practice, which ultimately leads to the true evidence necessary for any medicinal claims. 

Originally from Venezuela and now working and living in Europe (Spain), Dr. Chaccour has presented on the TrialSite Podcast; the TrialSite counts Dr. Chaccour as truly one of the world’s elite ivermectin researchers. It’s recommended that anyone interested in ivermectin review his question and answer brief.

Follow the link to the Barcelona Institute of Global Health website. Why? Because Dr. Chaccour is a results-oriented research leader that not only brings a multifaceted perspective but also seeks comprehensive and complex problem solving, from initial discovery through clinical trials to supporting global health policy in multiple countries. Dr. Chaccour had been primarily focused on ivermectin and malaria till the onset of COVID-19 and that of course opened up a critical new, and imminent research area requiring his knowledge and experience.  

About Barcelona Institute of Global Health

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health or ISGlobal, is the result of an innovative alliance between academic, government, and philanthropic institutions to contribute to the efforts undertaken by the international community to address challenges in global health.

A hub of excellence dedicated to scientific research and the provision of health care, ISGlobal originated as a joint initiative of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and the University of Barcelona: it has accumulated over three decades of experience in the field of global health. Now a team of over 400 researchers from 36 nations research and collaborate to influence medicine, clinicians and policy worldwide.

Lead Research/Investigator

Carlos Chaccour, PhD

Source: ISGlobal


  1. Hein De Waele

    Dear Mr. Chaccour,
    What are the reasons in your opinion, that randomized clinical trials have not happened yet, even though so many seem to agree to the potential of Ivermectin as a treatment for covid-19.
    Why is Merck, who I believer produce Ivermectin, not taking an initiative and sponsoring such trials?

    Thank you for launching the protocol for pilot trials.
    Best regards

    • John Mer

      Hello Dr. Chaccour, What are the known Antiviral mechanisms of action of Ivermectin ?

      • TrialSite

        Hello- Dr. Chaccour sent us a reply. He thanked you for the question, and said he answered that in the post.

  2. Mary Lanier

    Do cats & dogs get Covid 19 ?
    Is Ivermectin safe for cats & kittens of any breed? & at what strength??

  3. Peter Bell

    WHY do we hear nothing about ivermectin on for example, the ABC in Australia.
    Normally, ABC would be investigating the lack of interest in something that is so obviously ignored in these difficult times…

  4. Jim

    Thanks for doing this Carlos. I understand the invitro dose was unacceptably high for humans but are familiar with the dose being recommended in Australia by Professor Thom Borody of CDD? Are they dangerusly high in your opinion? Thanks again we have an elderly family member who needs help.

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