German AI Venture Predicts When Drugs Flop?

Apr 12, 2019 | AI in Clinical Research, Drug Development

Innoplexus AG seeks to predict costly pharma flops.  Based near Frankfurt Germany, the AI venture uses an algorithm to analyze pharma companies’ pipelines that says takes more data and context into account than any other tool. Its assessment of the recent Biogen flop aducanumab generated a 70% to 90% probability it would miss its goal.  As reported in Bloomberg, Hendrik Leber, a managing director at fund manager Acatis Investment GmbH notes” the system appears to do well in predicting outcomes of clinical trials.”

Of course, it would be an investor’s fantasy come true to have a system that takes “the guesswork out of new drug studies.”  Founded in 2011, Innoplexus is structuring the world’s information to make AI easier. The venture offers data as a service (DaaS) and continuous analytics as a service products, leveraging artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and patent pending technologies to help life science organizations with access to relevant data, intelligence and intuitive insights, across pre-clinical, clinical , regulatory and commercial stages of a drug. They automate the collection and curation of data using technologies such national language processing, network analysis, ontologies, computer vision and entity normalization.

The venture has gone through two investment rounds with only two investors including:

Christian Angermayer (film producer, serial entrepreneur)

HCS Beteilgungesgellschaft (HCS Beteiligungsgesellschaft is a German venture capital firm specialized in the management of large and medium sized companies).


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