Jacob Plieth of Evaluate writes about TC Biopharm’s treatment of the first patient cohort in a study of OmnImmune (TCB002), which represents the fourth clinical trial involving gamma-delta cells in the West. The UK biotech venture reports that the trial is a prelude to going into the clinic with a gamma-delta CAR-T cell product (perhaps a first) later this year.

TC reports that the purpose of the OmnImmune study is to demonstrate the safety of injecting expanded but unmodified, donor-derived gamma-delta T cells into nine acute myelogenous leukemia patients.

Other trials include Gadeta’s TEG001 and an academic study of OmnImmune, while an Innate Pharma study at Rennes University Hospital was terminated a decade ago. China is an area of activity  and Plieth refers the reader to deal activity involving Gamma-delta.

Source: Evaluate

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