Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (St. Petersburg Florida) and Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida have entered into an agreement to expand care for the region’s children while increasing access to specialized pediatric care. With the inking of the deal, Golisano will be able to participate in pediatric research studies via Johns Hopkins.

Where are the Hospitals Located?

These providers are serving patients along West to Southwest Florida in area such as Fort Meyers and Naples.

Why have they formed a Partnership?
To improve pediatric-focused quality care, leverage resources, and create and delivery better value for families.

Does the deal include Clinical Trials?
Yes, as part of the deal Golisano will be able to participate in clinical research. In fact the two have participated on a Phase I protocol design.

What will they do in this partnership?
Among other things, they will work to develop and promote best practices by tracking and improving “patient outcomes” while lowering costs and promoting patient care closed to home.

They already have value-added, joint initiatives including:

Johns Hopkins offers genetics telehealth counseling to patients at Golisano; Both parties have participated in clinical trials including Phase I research protocols on brain tumors. Over 25 clinical staff at Golisano participated in the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Brain Symposium.

Come back from Crisis

John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital recently recruited Dr. James Quintessenza to lead the hospital’s heart institute which recently experienced a crisis covered by TrialSite News—it stopped performing heart surgeries reported after it was disclosed that the institute had a high mortality rate.

Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal

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