Florida CFO Warns Patients about AdventHealth ‘WholeMe’ Genetic Testing

Jul 28, 2019 | Data Protection, DNA, Privacy, Uncategorized

Doctor conducts the test and the study of DNA .

TrialSite News recently reported on the Advent Health DNA test of 10,000 Floridians. Now Florida Officer Jimmy Patronis on Friday urged people to proceed with caution before they give their DNA information away to AdventHealth.

What Does He Know?

Patronis noted, “While the use of DNA testing for research can be important for medical advancements, it’s scary to think what could happen if your genetic data ever falls into the wrong hands.” He continued “Before applying for a DNA testing kit, consumers must understand the risks and choose their options carefully.”

Does Chief Financial Officer Patronis know something the public doesn’t? Again the “WholeMe” study project in Orlando represents AdventHealth’s first major venture into genomics. The study will sequence and analyze DNA in saliva of 10,000 participants to determine if they carry a gene variation tied to familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), a potentially life-threatening condition that causes high cholesterol. AdventHealth is partnering with Helix


DNA company Helix is partnering with other health systems to collect genomic data. In 2018 they announced a partnership with Desert Research Institute and Renown Institute of Health Innovation in support of the Healthy Nevada project which TrialSite News covered recently. Helix also partnered with Renown Health which recently inked a deal with Gilead

Helix focuses on personal genomics and citizen science. It has developed a marketplace that offers applications created by approved partners.

Back to Florida

CFO Patronis felt the need to caution Floridians—perhaps he knows something that the public should take seriously.


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