First U.S. Clinical Trial Assessing Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Supplementation in Brain Injury Recovery

Feb 20, 2019 | Brain Damage, Cannabis

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The Flowering HOPE Foundation (Boulder, CO) together with Clover Leaf University (Denver, CO) have just announced sponsorship and collaboration on the first US clinical study to be approved to investigate plant-derived cannabinoid supplements in recovery from brain injury.

The study will analyze quantitative EEG brain activity and a cannabinoid-sensitive salivary biomarker in 40 subjects with mild traumatic brain injury and controls who currently take hemp-derived botanical supplements on a regular basis (i.e. phytocannabinoids). The study is recruiting adults age 18 to 55 to participate in the year-long trial.

The objective of the proposed research is to evaluate adult subjects currently taking phytocannabinoid Hemp-derived botanical supplements (HDS) during recovery from traumatic brain injury. This study seeks to answer whether subjects taking HDS formulations experience relief from self-reported symptoms or improved subjective well-being, sleep quality, cognitive benefits, side effects and/or quantifiable changes in brain state neuronal activity or stress biomarkers. We seek to answer whether regular users (once/week to multiple uses/day) of HDS experience signs of dependence, addiction or physiological withdrawal. To accomplish this we will use survey questions, quantitative EEG, cognitive testing and salivary biomarkers to determine the effectiveness of self-initiated HDS administration. In addition, we are interested in whether our objective measures allow us to understand why some people are responders to HDS health benefits while others are not.

Lead Research/Investigator

Donald Cooper


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