Engaging Racial and Ethnic Minority Patient Populations in COVID-19 Clinical Trials

CTTI is hosting a timely webinar Thursday June 18 at Noon ET to discuss the importance and urgency of meaningful engagement of racial and ethnic minority communities in COVID-19 clinical trials. Using insights gleaned from a survey of key stakeholders across the clinical trials ecosystem, the organization, co-founded by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Duke University to improve efficiency and quality in clinical trials, hosts this webinar offering practical strategies for overcoming significant inclusion barriers in COVID-19 clinical trials.

An Impressive Line Up

Join the webinar Engaging Racial and Ethnic Minority Patient Populations in COVID-19 Clinical Trials to learn more about useful insights as well as best practices gathered from key stakeholders across the research world—from investigators and sponsors to IRB professionals and study participants—in regards to this important subject. Listen to an impressive panel of speakers, including:

Anand Shah, FDA, OC offering opening remarks along with confirmed speakers:

·         Christina Brennan, Northwell Health

·         Richard Knight, American Association of Kidney Patients

·         Fabian Sandoval, Emmerson Clinical Research Institute

·         Cassandra Smith, Janssen

The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) is a public-private partnership developing and driving adoption of practices that increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. With more than 80 organizational members spanning sponsors to government agencies, CTTI’s mission positively influences its members and those who take the time to study their various reports and recommendations.

Call to Action: Select the link Engaging Racial and Ethnic Minority Patient Populations in COVID-19 Clinical Trials  for calendar invite and check out CTTI’s website for other webinars.

Source: CTTI Webinar


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