Emergency Room Physicians Report Scary Shortages of Protective Gear to Protect against COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020 | Coronavirus, COVID-19, Emergency Supplies, Health Crisis, Masks, Medical Gear

Emergency Room Physicians Report Scary Shortages of Protective Gear to Protect against COVID-19

CNN’s John King interviewed an emergency room physician from Lifespan/Brown University who declared physicians on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19 are falling ill due to lack of protective gear, such as masks. Dr. Megan Ranney reports that although she works for an incredible health care provider that has been preparing for the novel coronavirus since the outbreak in Wuhan, she reports the federal government is not securing emergency medical supplies to the states and medical professionals across the United States are increasingly scared.

CNN’s King commented that he had heard from some sources that masks were required by health care professionals while he heard rumors that purportedly emanated form the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that it was acceptable to reuse or recycle masks or even use bandanas. Dr. Ranney informed King that her and an army of medical professionals absolutely need masks and other protective gear, and that they are in fact in short supply.  Mixed messages have emanated from the White House; in fact, President Trump reported good progress and that the federal government was ramping up the production and distribution of masks. Dr. Ranney disputed this claim based on her experience on the ground. She reports that not only medical professionals are scared but that many are falling ill.

Other Shortages Reported

Other physicians and health care professionals from health systems report widespread shortages as well, reported ABC recently. Despite a public-private partnership touted by the White House to resolve the testing capacity issues, doctors report that they still cannot test patients due to a lack of protective equipment needed to be on hand. This shortage is intensified at smaller private practices. Frankly many doctors don’t have the protective gear required to safely collect COVID-19 samples from their patients in order to send them to the laboratories.

Lead Contact

Dr. Megan Ranney, Emergency Physician, Lifespan/Brown University

Call to Action: All TrialSite News readers and Podcast and YouTube viewers that would like to directly support the nation’s medical professionals should let their elected officials know that it is unacceptable if there are in fact shortages of masks, for example. Being the biggest GDP in the globe with planned trips to Mars and nearly $4 trillion a year spend on healthcare related products and services, something is off here.

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