Denver Ellison writing for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reports that an Atlanta area group has donated funds to support prostate research.  Monies will go to the Winship Cancer Institute, Emery which TrialSite News has covered on many occasions—they are a prominent participant in oncology research across several targeted areas.  Money raised by the Senior Men of Dunwoody Country Club (Champions Gulf Association) will be matched by Winship Cancer Institute, bringing the total to over half a million dollars.  According to David Anderson and covered by AJC, fundraising chairman, this funding by the Champions has a multiplier effect, whereby successful pilot studies funded by the Champions receive federal grants to further support the testing of innovative approaches to detecting and managing prostate cancer.”  AJC article noted Walter Curran, executive director of Winship emphasized the fundraising money allows for more of their researchers to “explore novel ideas which would not otherwise qualify for funding.”

TrialSite News commends the David Anderson and the Champions Gulf Association in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  This kind of fundraising and giving back generates multiplier effects and it represents the spirit of caring and giving required to take on some of the biggest healthcare challenges.

Source: AJC

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