Diabetes Type 2 Growing in Pakistan Due to Growing Unhealthy Lifestyles

Nov 17, 2018 | Diabetes Type 2, Pakistan

Fakhir Rizvi writing for Urdupoint notes signs of wealth and modernization—overeating, lack of exercise and stress are the major factors causing diabetes among local population, said Dr. Yusuf Kamal Mirza, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital. According to WHO, 10 percent of the population is living with Type 2 Diabetes in Pakistan, he said. He emphasized that it was important for people to recognize the significance of exercise, healthy diet, active lifestyle and regular screening to prevent diabetes or the onset of diabetes related complications.

Prof. Yusuf Kamal Mirza on the occasion also referred to the Diabetes Prevalence Survey of Pakistan that has identified 16.98 percent prevalence of diabetes as 35.3 million people among the adult population are found diabetic in Pakistan.



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