Detroit Medical Center Deteriorating Despite Tenet Healthcare Investment Covenants

Jun 19, 2019 | Challenged Sites, Detroit Medical Center, News, Site Challenges

Detroit Medical Center Deteriorating

Detroit Medical Center is deficient in adequate investment for capital improvements or medical research, which along with ongoing quality concerns, has led an oversight board to raise serious concerns about the apparent decline in the public perception of the health provider as the institution is responsible the city’s safety net.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Detroit Medical Center (DMC) conditions are degrading under the ownership of private for-profit Vanguard Health System of Nashville, Tennessee.

The DMC includes the Detroit Receiving Hospital, Hutzel Women’s Hospital, Wayne State School of Medicine and Harper Hospital. As part of a brokered acquisition back 2010, Vanguard promised to make considerable investments in quality and medical education for the first 10 years after the sale.

Tenet Healthcare Corp Moves in

In 2013, the public for-profit company Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp. bought DMC from Vanguard. Tenet agreed to maintain the commitments made by Vanguard.  This promise appears hollow given the unfolding concerns, there are a number of recent negative developments. DMC hospitals are performing poorly on basic patient safety and quality inspections. The relationship between Wayne State University School of Medicine is in terrible shape—moreover there have been allegations of negative patient outcomes resulting from cost cutting; staff reductions and more layoffs were recently reported.

DMC conducts clinical research that includes the Clinical Research & Translation Office. TrialSite News has covered DMC in previous articles.  We suspect the challenges there could be structural and systemic challenges if the DMC Oversight Board report be fully accurate—and we suspect it is.  Follow the link below for access to the report.


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