Datavant Buys Health Data Link New Health Information Sharing Networks to Consolidate

Jun 24, 2019 | Academic Medical Center, Clinical Research, Health Information

Datavant Buys Health Data Link New Health Information Sharing Networks to Consolidate

Datavant, the leader in helping healthcare organizations safely link their data to improve medical research and patient care, announced that it has acquired Health Data Link, the leading data linkage provider for academic medical centers, nonprofits, and government agencies.

This acquisition strengthens Datavant’s offering to health systems, research institutes, and government agencies, and offers clients the ability to connect a variety of data types in Datavant’s open ecosystem in support of innovative medical research.

Over 40 institutions utilize Health Data Link’s health data connectivity solution, which will become seamlessly integrated with Datavant’s ecosystem of over 200 institutions that have made their health data linkable.

Datavant Profile

Founded in 2017, Datavant has already raised an incredible $85 million in venture capital. An ambitious enterprise: they seek to organize the world’s data. An AI-based healthcare platform that helps physicians link their data to improve medical research and patient care, they are based in San Francisco. Their primary competitors include Saama. Datavant helps healthcare organizations protect, link, and exchange data.

Health Data Link

Founded in 2015 by Abel Kho, they have sought trusted data sharing networks to support medical research and drive improved patient outcomes. How does it work?

Create: Establish private data linkage networks based on the client’s data governance and data linkage needs. Trust networks can be established as perpetual networks or single-use adhoc networks. Customers and partners use their Trust Networks to power:

  • Clinical data research networks for comparative effectiveness studies and clinical trials recruitment
  • Virtual inter-state disease registries for accurate prevalence estimates
  • Virtual patient record locator for patient-centered clinical trial eligibility

Share: Data partners process protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) self-service with the AnonX Signature Generator. A private, linkable signature is generated for each record based on the affiliated trust network profile. AnonX signatures are shareable as de-identified data under the HIPAA Privacy Rule Expert Determination method.

Match and Link: Private signatures are matched and linked within and across data partners for a given linkage network. A unified AnonX de-identified master identity index is created and maintained for the network. The linkage and outcomes distributed in hours.

Travis May, CEO of Datavant, noted, “We’re excited to take the excellent work that the Health Data Link team has done in the academic, nonprofit, and government communities, and to link that to our open data ecosystem where all health data can be connected.” May concluded, “Our mission is to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes, and we’re excited to further our traction in the research community.”


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