Kings College and University College, London led a new study that identified a protein capable of killing viruses that form the missing clue to the natural antiviral mechanism of the body that can target the viruses based on their genetic patterns. Called KHNYN, the newly identified protein description and results of the study were recently published in journal eLife.

Titled “KHNYN is essential for the zinc-finger antiviral protein to restrict HIV-1 containing clustered CpG dinucleotides” the team of UK researchers described that antiviral mechanisms of the body are a vital area of study due to the fact that it can support targeted vaccines against these viruses but in addition potentially drugs or therapies to treat them as well as potential anti-cancer drugs.

Follow the link to the source study for more details.

Lead Research/Investigator

Mattia Ficarelli, First Author and, Ph.D. student

Source: eLIFE

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