Connecticut Children’s Innovation Center Showcases Commitment to Societal Value

May 25, 2019 | Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Leading Sites, Pediatrics, Site Success, Site Watch

Watch News 8 Connecticut brief summary of encouraging directions at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as they unveiled their new think tank, an innovation center where medical team ideas can be harnesses and developed.  The institution is already developing idea for new medical devices, medical products and other ideas. For example, Dr. Christine Fink  is working on how to bioengineer a throat in babies born without one.

Some of the top doctors in the country reside and work here and they will have a direct forum to contribute to game changing approaches, commercialization processes as well as breakthrough products that can potentially help save lives—or make them much better.

The Connecticut Children’s Innovation Center is the first of its kind in Connecticut.

About Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Founded back in 1898, the center is a comprehensive pediatric hospital in Hartford, CT. The hospital serves more than 15,000 children in primary care services, 55,000 in emergency care services, and 6000 in surgical services annually. Moreover, comprehensive health services for intensive care including traumatic injury or illness and neonatal care for children born prematurely or critically ill are an anchor for the community. The main hospital has 187 beds.  In addition to the main campus there are several other Connecticut locations.

They are active in research including clinical trials. The Innovation Center will only accelerate the team’s contribution to society.


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