Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | S2 E20

May 11, 2020 | Digital Media, Video, Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup TSN
  • 00:45 Anderson Regional Health Medical Center Joins National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Study & Seeks Donors: Anderson Regional Health Medical Center in Mississippi joined the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Study led by Mayo Clinic. With relatively high COVID-19 infection rates in Mississippi, the health provider has given some COVID-19 patients transfusions. As to whether it is working, they report some potentially positive signals but can’t be sure yet. This regional health system has stood by residents in this generally rural community since the 1920s. It is still run by an descendant to the founder. Mariyln Bell, Director of the Anderson Laboratory: (610) 553-6868 (7:00am 0 3:30PM)…
  • 03:36 India’s PGIMER Chandigarh Launches Clinical Trial Investigating use of Sepsivac in COVID-19 Patients: The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh recently announced that it commenced a clinical trial involving Sepsivac, an immunomodulator, on asymptomatic coronavirus patients as the total number of SARS-CoV-2 cases rise in that nation. Dr. Ram Vishwakarma:……
  • 06:05 Research-as-a-Care Option Vendor Joins California & Verily in Project Baseline COVID-19 Initiative: Elligo Health Research, a Texas-based research organization emphasizing models supporting clinical research-as-a-care-option, has inked an alliance with health data specialists Verily (part of Google) to support the Project Baseline COVID-19 initiative. In collaboration with Gov. Gavin Newsome’s office, in addition to numerous public health authorities in the Golden State, the team seeks to considerably expand COVID-19 testing and risk screening. In following the model of other nations such as Taiwan, wide-scale testing, contact tracing and data transparency paves the way to a more stable and certain path forward.
  • 07:32 University of Naples Federico II Physicians Hypothesize: Why Not Try Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin in Combo Against COVID-19? Two researchers/physicians out of the University of Naples Federico II—one of the oldest universities in the world—introduce the use of two drugs classically used by dermatologists for the investigational use in fighting SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic. The two doctors hypothesize that the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin may evidence a consequential and synergistic action if administered simultaneously both for chemoprophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19.
  • 11:51 Remdesivir COVID-19 Study Evaluation Metrics Changed Last Minute to Make Standard of Care Declaration by NIAID: The TrialSite News research team has written many stories sharing promising observational snippets about the anti-viral drug that was originally developed to address Ebola. There is enough evidence that the drug can in fact help the body fight the virus. However, the results of the recent remdesivir clinical trial showcasing the positive results was actually the result of a last-minute change to the primary outcomes measures. Rather than focus primarily on the drug’s ability to keep people alive (the protocol’s primary outcome measure), the sponsors were given the greenlight to switch to the secondary outcome measure—that is, the length of time for surviving patients to recover just two weeks prior to the conclusion and Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s proclamation to the world—that this drug was in fact the “new standard of care.” As noted by a recent Washington Post piece, “Death and other negative outcomes were moved to secondary measure status: They would still be tracked, but they would no longer be the key measure of remdesivir’s performance.” Emergency Use Authorization:… Washington Post Article:…


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