Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | 10-21-2019 S1 E15

Oct 21, 2019 | Digital Media, Video, Weekly Roundup

Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | 10-21-2019 S1 E15

Join us as we go over our top stories from the week:

Keytruda Fails to Improve Profession-Free Survival for Mesothelioma Patients in Phase III European Clinical Trial.
Nationwide Clinical Investigational Site Consolidation Continues with CNS-Focused Consolidation Funded by Bison Capital Partners.
Remote Clinical Trials in Europe: Trials@Home Receives $44m for 5-Year Study Centering on Remote Trials.
EicOsis Announces FDA Accepts IND for EC5026 to Treat Pain.
Stanford’s First Entirely Digital Clinical Trial Overall a Success Although Possibly Overestimating Recruitment Targets.
New Blood Cancer Treatment out of Israel may Kill Solid Tumors, According to a New Study.
Kaiser Permanente Participating in AbbVie-Sponsored International Clinical Trial Targeting Ovarian Cancer with PARP Inhibitor Called Veliparib.
Danish Investigators Transform Prostate Cancer Study into Fun Organized Football Matches for Surprising Results.
University of Regina’s Trojan Horse Strategy Targeting Multiple Sclerosis.
The Walk for Lupus Arrives in NYC With Hopes of a Cure Some Day.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Investigators Receive $1.3M for Study of Sarcopenia & Osteoarthritis in Aging Veterans.
Sjögren’s Syndrome New Drug Pipeline Grows but Not Fast Enough for Patients.

Time Stamps:
Clinical Trials 00.31
Cancer 03:39
Neurological 05:16
Autoimmune 05:59
Arthritis 06:35


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