Orbsen Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on the development and commercialization of first-in-class stromal cell immunotherapies, announced its second generation immunotherapy ORBCEL-C™ is being administered to patients participating in MERLIN, a multi-site United Kingdom-based clinical trial to determine the therapy’s safety and effectiveness in treating two types of chronic autoimmune liver diseases. Follow the link to press release for more additional information.

About Orbsen Therapeutics

A leading company in the development of cellular immunotherapies across four immune-mediated inflammatory conditions, it was founded in 2006. Orbsen Therapeutics Ltd., is a privately held company led by global leaders in the field of cellular immunotherapy. The company, which spun-out from Ireland’s Regenerative Medicine Institute at the National University, or Ireland Galway, has developed proprietary technologies that enables the isolation of a well characterized population of pure stromal cells from human tissues which, once isolated, can be expanded and frozen to generate multiple doses of a high-margin, “off the shelf” therapeutic product.

Source: PR NewsWire

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