Cleveland Clinic, Mayo & Robarts Clinical Trials Receives $3.4 Million from Helmsley Trust for Anti-Fibrotic Testing

Apr 16, 2019 | Autoimmune Disease, Chron's Disease, Fibrosis

The Helmsley Charitable Trust has granted Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Robarts Clinical Trials $4.3 million to develop tools for the clinical testing of anti-fibrotic treatments for Crohn’s disease patients. The group will launch a collaborative Stenosis Therapy and Anti-Fibrotic Research (STAR) consortium for the development of imaging and patient-reported outcome tools that will support testing of new anti-fibrotic therapies for Crohn’s disease patients.

Crohn’s disease often includes the structuring or narrowing of the intestinal tract due to excessive scar tissue formation—known as fibrosis. The development of sufficient Crohn’s disease treatment has been hindered due to lack of appropriate tools that enable clinical testing of anti-fibrotic drugs. Follow the link below to learn more. The Helmsley Charitable Trust supports a wide range of organizations with a focus on health and medical research in addition to conservation, education, social services and cultural access. The foundation was established in 1999 and administered by four Trustees selected by New York businesswoman Leona Helmsley

Lead Research/Investigator

Florian Reider, MD, Cleveland Clinic  

Joel Fletcher, MD, Mayo Clinic 

Brian Feagan, MD, Robarts Clinical Trials 


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