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Christiana Care Health System Clinical Research Looks to CRISPR for Lung Cancer Research


Christiana Care Health System is a network of private, non-profit hospitals providing health care services to all of the State of Delaware and portions of seven counties bordering the state in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.  Cancer-related health care within Christiana Care Health System occurs at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center.

Doctors working within the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center believe 2019 and 2020 “will be breakout years for gene editing technique known as CRISPR.” Dr. Eric Kmiec, director of Christiana Care’s Gene Editing Institute notes “what they did in China was to modify a fertilized egg so that the child itself was born with the modification.” He reiterates the Chinese conducted germline gene editing technique reported in the news is not approved in the United States. Kmiec observed that in the United States and specifically at Christiana “we’re just attacking, in our case, lung cancer cells, and at Penn they’re making cells that already exist in the body to fight cancer.” Nick Ciolino of Delaware Public Media continued that the University of Pennsylvania recently performed the fist clinical trials in the nation actually using CRISPR.

Christiana Care is planning to utilize the CRISPR technique to treat lung cancer.

Lead Research/Investigator

Eric Kmiec, Director Gene Editing Institute


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