The Jockey School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studied patient engagement recently to determine the impact on health-related quality of life. The research indicated that improved patient engagement could bring positive influence on health-related quality of life. Patient physical, psychological, and social characteristics influence the actual levels of health-related quality of life.

The Study

The study team focused on outpatient clinics in Hong Kong. The team conducted a cross-sectional survey in a Hong Kong-based general outpatient clinic in 2017. The team utilized a patient engagement index (PEI) as a valid and reliable instrument to assess the patient engagement levels in the primary care setting. PEIs included the EQ-5D-5L Chinese version, which was used to evaluate the patients’ health-related quality of life (HRQoL) indicators.


As reported in Dovepress (the source), 668 patients successfully completed the survey, representing 64%. The mean utility of EQ-5D (0∼1.0) was 0.92. Male, highly educated and younger respondents got higher utility. For PEI (0∼100), the mean score was 37.02, whereas female (38.03), highly educated and younger respondents performed better. The regression model indicated that there is a positive relationship between PE and HRQoL (beta =2.66, SE =5.11, p<0.05). However, after adjusting a series of socio-economic characteristics, the relationship was weakened (beta =1.77, SE =4.64, p<0.05) and even insignificant.

This is the first study in HK to assess the PE level and its relationship with HRQoL in the primary care setting. The result indicated that improved PE could bring a positive influence on the HRQoL. However, the PE-HRQoL relationship might be deeply influenced by an individual’s physical, psychological, or social characteristics.

Lead Research/Investigators

Richard Huan Xu 

Annie Wai Liang

Eliza Lai Wong 


Call to Action: Patient engagement concepts are critically important for participants in clinical trials. This study offers some interesting data points for patient engagement and quality outcomes in Hong Kong. For those interested in expanding in Hong Kong in the health sector, the study authors are clearly commanding lots of valuable information about medical and clinical patient engagement and the correlation to quality outcomes. Reach out to the lead researchers to learn more.

Source: Dovepress

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