China’s Henuo Medical Center, located in New Hongqiao International Medical Center, is a high-end state-owned hospital. This is a notable establishment, as it will become a center for innovative investigational medicines and clinical trials—essentially at the forefront of healthcare reform in China. The center will be a showcase for new models, technology, trials and practices. It will include biologic investigational product not available in other parts of China.

Addressing Growing Healthcare Problems—Example Psoriasis

With over 8 million psoriasis patients in China reports Dr. Zheng Zhizhong,  a leading Chinese dermatologist, notes China lags behind in the research and hence the new center reports Shine.

A New Dermatology Center Offers Investigational Biologic Treatments

The Henuo Dermatology Center, opened over the weekend, includes a specialist in psoriasis center with the most comprehensive storage of biologicals for psoriasis. Many of these treatments are not approved by the Chinese national authority but marketed in the West and are available in the center for clinical trials and pre-market research.

Elite New International Health Center in Shanghai

Based in Shanghai, the New Hongqiao International Medical Center represents a world-first campus with five planned hospitals and specialty clinics. “The Shared Facility” will include 3,000 beds and approximately 18,000 employees not to mention state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging suites, clinical laboratories, pathology laboratories, pharmacy retail, supply storage, etc.

Cleveland Clinic Involvement

Apparently, Cleveland Clinic teamed up with the Luye Medical Group to provide best practices to the new center.  This move marks Cleveland Clinic’s first foray into China and another step in the health system’s global expansion.

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Source: SHINE News

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