Chinese biotechs are rapidly innovating, evolving and expanding worldwide. They are setting up operations in key U.S. life science hubs to raid the vital human capital necessary to build up the knowledge-driven venture.

Facebook recently linked to a story originated by the Wall Street Journal that reports on a growing trend of the Chinese biotech industry showing some of its muscle to the rest of the world—in this specific case the U.S. Firms that TrialSite News routinely covers, such as BeiGene, Hutchinson China MediTech Ltd, Zai Lab Ltd. Others are intensifying their push to not only set up operations but to poach prerequisite U.S. talent to ensure their expansion in the world’s most lucrative drug market -the United States. We provide a link to Facebook and also check the Wall Street Journal for the original article.

Biotech ventures, much like other technology firms, are dependent on people. From scientists and researchers to regulatory operations and affairs to marketing experts, this human capital tends to aggregate in life science clusters including Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Research Triangle, Washington DC/Capitol Corridor and the big pharma cluster from Philadelphia to New York.

Source: Facebook

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