Writing for the Kansas City Business Journal, Elise Reuter covers the recent renewal funding for the CKiD study. Children’s Mercy researcher Dr. Bradley Warady received another $5 million to continue a long-running study of chronic kidney disease in children.

On Aug. 24, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded the grant to Warady, director of pediatric nephrology, who has led the study at Children’s Mercy in conjunction with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for 15 years. The observational study, called CKiD, has been running since 2003 and includes 54 centers. It’s intended to track risk factors that can lead to the decline of kidney function and risk factors that can be associated with kidney disease, such as anemia and hypertension.

The study continues to yield several discoveries about the progression of kidney disease and how to best treat it. One example: Warady’s team found that constant blood pressure monitoring revealed more cases of hypertension in young patients, which could be missed in up to 38 percent of cases if their blood pressure was measured only during a physician visit. With the additional money, Warady and his team will be able to continue their research through 2023.  “It’s crucial to the long-term outcome for these kids,” Warady said in a previous interview. “Chronic kidney disease care has remarkably improved, in large part, because of data from CKiD.”

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Children’s Mercy

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Dr. Bradley Warady


Source: Kansas City Business Journal

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