85% of patients are treated at community clinics in the heartland of America. Hence, traditionally if they sought advanced oncology treatments or access to cutting-edge clinical trials they would have to travel to major academic medical centers. The clinical research as a care option movement transforms this dynamic ushering in heretofore not possible options to patients. Thanks to a partnership combining Mary Lanning health system and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) local Nebraska cancer patients now have access to the world’s most advanced investigational cancer treatments. The clinical research as a care option movement gains momentum.

KSNB 4 News Hastings, Nebraska showcases this important partnership and the impact it has in literally the center of America. Mary Lanning Healthcare has been offering health services in central Nebraska for 100 years.

Oncology Clinical Trials Via Mary Lanning in Central Nebraska

Now Mary Lanning is working with the community to educate its population about the benefits of clinical research. Of course, they must first help what many consider a negative—that clinical research is either the “last option” or that it is big companies or big government in search of human Guinea pigs.

Community Health Professionals are Key

Oncologist/Hematologist Mehmet Sitki Copur, MD FACP of Mary Lanning Healthcare understands this and noted to the local television station “Clinical trials are first, any and every patient when they are first diagnosed they are treated best on clinical trials.” He emphasized how clinical trials have helped us with breast cancer as an example—“It was initially tested in the lab in phase one, phase two. I had that clinical trial on my prior affiliation we administered to patients. It made a huge impact on the curability of the HER2+ breast cancers.”

It is the community health professionals—from Physicians such as Dr. Sitki Copur; the nurses and research coordinators that operate in community health centers and hospitals—that are helping to accelerate this transformation in the American healthcare system where patients regardless of location can be much closer to access to the most advanced cancer treatments in the world.

Lead Research/Investigator

Mehmet Sitki Copur

Call to Action. Do you or a loved one that has been diagnosed with cancer live in central Nebraska? Consider an appointment with Mary Lanning and Dr. Sitki Copur.

Source: KSNB

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